Course Description:

Senior Support is designed to help seniors make the transition between high school and the rest of their lives. The purpose of this class is to help students learn more about themselves and the myriad of opportunities that are available and to provide a structure to make decisions, define goals, and to devise strategies for implementing their post-secondary plans.
Senior Support Syllabus

First Semester:

The focus of first semester is to explore careers and post secondary schools. Every senior is required to apply to at least ONE post secondary school (Four year universities/colleges, community/junior colleges and technical trade schools). Students will finalize their Personal Education Plans and create their Plans ABC for after graduation.
Fall Senior Support Agenda:

Plans ABC

Second Semester:

The focus of second semester is to apply for scholarships, financial aid, and prepare for graduation and beyond! Students will revisit their Plans ABC from first semester and modify them as needed.
Spring Senior Support Agenda:

Graduation Tickets

Seniors earn graduation tickets through Senior Support attendance. One ticket is taken away with each absence and/or two tardies. The starting number of tickets is determined every year depending on the graduation venue.