Important Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Dates:

    • Friday, September 15- Gates Scholarship deadline
    • Thursday, September 21- LAEF (Latin American Educational Foundation) [[#|Scholarship Application]] opens
    • Thursday, September 21- 6-7PM HOW TO PAY FOR COLLEGE NIGHT Seniors & parents are invited to attend to learn about the FAFSA & Paying for college
    • Friday, September 22- Senior Class Photo- 11AM Meet by the West Side of the Building
    • Friday, October 6- University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Rep. will be in Room 200 to meet with [[#|Seniors]] beginning at 10:30- Stop by before or after Senior Support
    • Friday, October 13- A representative from the Daniels Fund Scholarship will be here to meet with interested students from 10:45-11:30 in Room 219. Stop by before/after your Senior Support class
    • Friday, October 13- Pomona College Rep. will be in Room 200 to meet with Seniors from 12:45- 1:30- Stop by after Senior Support
    • Wednesday, October 18- 3:30-7PM Advisors from Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) will be on hand to assist parents/students in completing the FAFSA
    • Friday October 20- College Fair/Senior Support class will be in the cafeteria- College reps will be on hand to answer questions & showcase their colleges/universities
    • Friday, October 27- No Senior Support (no classes at CEC)
    • Friday, November 3- No Senior Support (no classes at CEC) BUT Senior Pictures & Senior Quotes are DUE by this day
      • Head/Torso shots only
      • No props
      • Minimum size: 2.25" wide by 3" height photo or .jpg format 600 DPI (dots per inch)
      • Files may be delivered to Ms. Havekotte in Room 112 or emailed to
    • Friday, November 10- College/Scholarship application Day!!! College/University Reps will be attending to help with applications
    • Friday, November 17- CUBoulder Representative will be visiting CEC- stop by the Counseling Office before or after Senior Support class beginning at 10:30
    • Friday, November 17- CEC Daniels Scholarship Alum will be visiting with students applying for the Daniels Scholarship- Room 219
    • Monday, November 20- LAEF Scholarship deadline
    • Thursday, November 30@4PM- Daniels Scholarship deadline
    • Friday, December 1- Greenhouse Scholars deadline
    • Monday, December 11- Last day of the semester for college classes at CCD
    • Saturday, December 16- CCD college class grades available
    • Friday, January 19- CESDA scholarship deadline
    • Thursday, March 1- scholarship (for DACA and undocumented students) deadline


Ms. McKenna Scott will be available in the Counseling Office Monday afternoons & all day Fridays during the Fall 2017 semester!

Welcome to CEC Early College's Senior Class website! Below are some resources to help you navigate your last year of high school and life after graduation.

Senior Support

College Applications/Admissions


Financial Aid

Graduation and the cost of being a SENIOR $$$

Helpful Websites

Undocumented Student Resources


Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT

ACT/SAT Information

Remember we are here for you. Please feel free to contact Ms. Stobbe, 12th grade counselor with any questions or concerns! Email: