Important Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Dates:

    • Friday, September 15- Gates Scholarship deadline
    • Thursday, September 21- LAEF (Latin American Educational Foundation) [[#|Scholarship Application]] opens
    • Thursday, September 21- 6-7PM HOW TO PAY FOR COLLEGE NIGHT Seniors & parents are invited to attend to learn about the [[#|FAFSA]] & [[#|Paying for college]]
    • Friday, September 22- Senior Class Photo- 11AM Meet by the West Side of the Building
    • Friday, October 6- University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Rep. will be in Room 200 to meet with [[#|Seniors]] beginning at 10:30- Stop by before or after Senior Support
    • Friday, October 13- A representative from the Daniels Fund Scholarship will be here to meet with interested students from 10:45-11:30 in Room 219. Stop by before/after your Senior Support class
    • Friday, October 13- Pomona College Rep. will be in Room 200 to meet with [[#|Seniors]] from 12:45- 1:30- Stop by after Senior Support
    • Wednesday, October 18- 3:30-7PM Advisors from Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) will be on hand to assist parents/students in completing the [[#|FAFSA]]
    • Friday October 20- College Fair/Senior Support class will be in the cafeteria- College reps will be on hand to [[#|answer]] questions & showcase their colleges/universities
    • Friday, October 27- No Senior Support (no classes at CEC)
    • Friday, November 3- No Senior Support (no classes at CEC) BUT Senior Pictures & Senior [[#|Quotes]] are DUE by this day
      • Head/Torso shots only
      • No props
      • Minimum size: 2.25" wide by 3" height photo or .jpg format 600 DPI (dots per inch)
      • [[#|Files]] may be delivered to Ms. Havekotte in Room 112 or emailed to
    • Friday, November 10- College/Scholarship [[#|application]] Day!!! College/University Reps will be attending to help with applications
    • Friday, November 17- CUBoulder Representative will be visiting CEC- stop by the Counseling Office before or after Senior Support class beginning at 10:30
    • Friday, November 17- CEC Daniels Scholarship Alum will be visiting with students applying for the Daniels Scholarship- Room 219
    • Monday, November 20- LAEF [[#|Scholarship deadline]]
    • Thursday, November 30@4PM- Daniels [[#|Scholarship deadline]]
    • Friday, December 1- Greenhouse Scholars deadline
    • Monday, December 11- Last day of the semester for college classes at CCD
    • Saturday, December 16- CCD college class grades available
    • Tuesday, January 16- CCD College classes begin
    • Friday, January 19- deadline for CESDA scholarship.
    • Monday, January 29- Colorado Council on High School/College Relations Scholarship Program deadline
    • Monday, January 29- National LGBTQ [[#|Scholarship Fund]] - The Point Foundation-
    • Wednesday, January 31- Buenas Opiniones-
    • Thursday, Februrary 1- Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship-
    • Saturday, February 3- AABE Scholarship-
    • Tuesday, February 13- BBB Students of Integrity Scholarship-
    • Friday, February 16- CSU Representative will be in the Counseling Office from 11AM-1PM to review Financial Aid next steps for all students who've applied to CSU
    • Friday, February 16- DSF Presentation by Ms. Sophie at 1PM in Room 200- Understand how to apply for the DSF Scholarship
    • Wednesday, February 28- Rotary Scholarship-
    • Thursday, March 1- scholarship (for DACA and undocumented students) deadline
    • Thursday, March 1- Latinas First Foundation-
    • Friday, March 16- Western State Colorado University College Representative will be in the Counseling Office from 12-1PM
    • Monday, March 19- [[#|Project]] PAVE Transformations Scholarship deadline
    • March 19- 26- CCD Spring break-(For all students taking college classes with a CCD Instructor)
    • March 26-30- CEC/DPS Spring break
    • Friday, March 30- [[#|Hispanic Scholarship]] Fund-
    • Sunday, April 1- DSF Application DUE
    • Friday, April 6- CEC Early College Applications Due
    • Thursday, April 19 5-6PM CEC Room 212- Early College Parent Meeting
    • Thursday, April 19 6-7PM Senior Celebration Night- CEC Cafeteria
    • Monday, April 23- DSF Almost There Night 4-5PM at CEC Room 212
    • Friday, May 4- University of Colorado-Denver Rep. visit in the Counseling Office 10:30-12:30- Stop by before or after Senior Support
    • Monday, May 7- last day for CCD classes
    • Saturday, May 12- grades posted for CCD class on CCDConnect
    • Wednesday, May 16- Senior Check-out at CEC- more info. to come
    • Monday, May 21- Senior graduation practice and Senior lunch-in- more info. to come
    • Tuesday, May 22- Graduation at Boettcher Concert Hall at 4PM


Ms. Scott is available all day Fridays in the Counseling Office and by appointment on Thursdays! Ms. Sophie is available on most Mondays & Fridays in the Counseling Office or Library.

Email to schedule a meeting: or or 303-951-4142.

Welcome to CEC Early College's Senior Class website! Below are some resources to help you navigate your last year of high school and life after graduation.

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Remember we are here for you. Please feel [[#|free]] to contact Ms. Stobbe, 12th grade counselor with any questions or concerns! [[#|Email]]: